New masks and not so new masks


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I’ve got some new masks available for sale in my Etsy shop. There are three that have just returned from the Masqalors show in Quebec (those would be the aforementioned “not so new masks” although they are only a little more worldly for their recent trip across the border). You may also find three new variations that I’ve been working in the last month or two. The new masks feature techniques of “origami corrugation” to create interesting decorative patterns.

new Helios mask

new Helios mask

I’ve used a band of corrugation as a decorative motif across the top of this mask as well as the Charlemagne mask above.

This is something new to me but a technique that has been well employed by other folders like Ray Schamp and Andrea Russo and many others. I’ve only incorporated small areas of corrugation as flourishes, but found the approach both rewarding and surprisingly tricky. Ben Parker has had more practice combining corrugation and traditional tessellation than I, and he makes it look easy.

8 thoughts on “New masks and not so new masks

  1. I just read a comment on your Etsy page, and it occurred to me that you should make portraits of famous painted portraits like the Mona Lisa or, as a challenge, Picasso’s Self Portrait. Just a suggestion, but I think that that would look really neat.


  2. Hey Joel, I have been trying to make a mask like these but i cannot figure out how to do the mouth. Is there anything you can tell me to help me?


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