Masq’alors! If you happen to be around Saint-Camille, Quebec, next week drop by the biennial Masq’alors! festival. It’s a festival of masks going on from May 28 through June 7.

Masques autochtones de la Côte-Ouest

Traditional masks, exotic masks,

À l'école du masque

fantastical masks, theatrical masks and even a few origami masks.

three masks

Yes, some of my own masks will be there too.

If you have an opportunity, don’t miss it!

The festival is an event started by the Productions des paysages éclatés, a group of creative people dedicated to promoting and celebrating artistic expression and culture in everyday life through events like Masq’alors! (the exclamation point is mandatory) as well as workshops for all ages.

2 thoughts on “Masq’alors!

    • You can contact me through my Etsy shop or Flickr, but I must tell you I don’t do commissions and I already have a full-time job so I’m not really for hire for anything.


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