Suncatcher tessellations

six tessellations

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I’ve been working on something new lately. These are small origami tessellations, 10-12 cm. wide, folded from hexagons of simple bond-weight colored paper. The difference is in the finishing. After they’re folded, I saturate the paper with a one to one mix of melted beeswax and damar resin. This is a traditional basis for encaustic painting, but without pigments it makes the  the paper translucent. The mix also makes the origami rigid and durable. The beeswax keeps the object from becoming too brittle and the damar resin raises the melting point of the wax so the suncatcher doesn’t go soft in the sun. I’ve created a new section in my Etsy shop, as well as an album in my Flickr photostream where you can see many more designs.

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