Folding a flagstone tessellation

star and hex moleculeA tessellation is a pattern of repeating geometric forms that can interlock to fill a space infinitely. In origami tessellation, a discrete unit of folded shapes that can be repeated to make a tessellation is sometimes called a “molecule”.

This molecule is an example of a style of tessellations I started folding almost a decade ago that I took to calling “flagstones”. Combining shapes like rhombus twists and open backed hex twists on the front with triangle and closed hex twists in the back allows the shapes in front to sit right next to each other with only a sort of “grout line” separating them. It reminds me of tiles or paving stones, hence the name.

I’ve made a video of folding a star and hex molecule, consisting of a cluster of rhombus twists in a star formation surrounded by hexagonal twists. This unit can be reiterated to fill as much space as the piece of paper will allow.

star and hex tessellation


One thought on “Folding a flagstone tessellation

  1. Your stuff is off the hook, bro. One day, I shall fly you out to Rhode Island for a week-long origami teaching session where you show me that style, lol. Them masks are bananas. Them lips! By Neptune’s beard, how the heck did you get them to look like how they look like in the comic books? Lol good stuff man.


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