“Shadow Tessellations” kickstarter

Ben Parker, an artist whom I’ve mentioned before, has started a kickstarter to help fund an exhibition of his new work. You can learn more about it and maybe kick in a few bucks here. At this moment he is about a third of the way to his goal.

Hexagonal Ridges, Constrained

Hexagonal Ridges, Constrained

Ben continues to push the boundaries of origami by a  sort of cross-pollination with photography. A traditional “photogram” (as opposed to a photograph) is created by placing objects on a piece of photosensitive paper and exposing the whole to light, thereby preserving an image of the objects’ shadows. Ben has eliminated the object and instead folds the photosensitive paper in a darkroom, then exposes the origami to light. The paper thereby takes a picture of itself. It’s all very existential somehow. I’ve never heard of anyone doing anything quite like this, and I kinda wish I had thought of it myself.

So even if you won’t be able to make it to Connecticut for the exhibition you can donate some money to defray the various expenses and receive a piece of original art for your very own.

You can also see more of what Ben has been up to at his Flickr site or his own website BRDParker.com.


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