Faunus on Zibbet

New mask available at my Zibbet shop:

click on image to go to my Zibbet shop

click on image to go to my Zibbet shop

I like the way the horns came out on this model, although it’s difficult to really see from the photograph. I used a blend of metallic paints, titanium white and raw umber to get a stony looking surface, and I think it looks a bit like the gargoyles hanging from the side of an old cathedral. In the picture it looks rather silvery, but in real life it’s a more earthy, brownish color – these masks are devilishly hard to photograph for some reason (at least for me).


3 thoughts on “Faunus on Zibbet

  1. Hi !
    I’ve looked around your website, you really do a great work. Indeed, this mask looks like some of the hidden sculptures of a cathedral, such as the old one of Reims (France), where I live. I hope that one day, I could improve my folding skills. I’m a student in Mathematics and origami is a very interesting way of dicovering geometry. I also have a website on which I display photographs of my origami costume jewel (I’m not sure of that expression, I’ve searched in a dictionary).
    Thanks for sharing your love of origami !


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