More new masks on Etsy

Two new masks on Etsy are variations of previous masks. I never make quite the same mask twice, even when I create a design I like I might fold it again and again, but I have to tinker with it with each iteration. I’m never quite satisfied, but that’s why I keep going.

What I especially like about these two new masks is the way the way the paper is finished. Folding the model is really only half the work – the wet shaping, bleaching, painting, dyeing, preserving and everything I do to the paper after folding can make or break a good design.

Case in point:

click on image to go to Flickr

——-Update—- the Dryad mask has been sold, but I’m keeping this entry here with a link to Flickr ——-

This is actually one of my earlier variations of the “Oread” mask. It was folded from black elephant hide and bleached after folding, but I was not satisfied with the results. The folding was fine, but the finishing was unsatisfactory, so into the big box of failures it went.

My wife later found the piece and thought the model was perfectly fine, it just needed a little attention. She had some interference paints to try out and this mask would make the perfect test piece.

The results were amazing! The botched bleaching didn’t look very good as it was, but it made the perfect background for this green/gold interference paint. The lustrous paint changes color with the angle of the light. The black and brown paper underneath and some amber shellac and the model looks like verdi-gris bronze or gold or the wings of a green scarab in different light.

click on image to go to my Etsy shop

This one was also folded from black elephat hide paper, but this time I knew what I was doing. Properly bleaching black elephat hide paper can create a wonderful effect like carved wood. Amber shellac deepens the effect. This mask is a variation of an earlier mask which is also an evolution of the “Oread” project, so both of these masks are in the same family, so to speak. The Oread line has been very fruitful and taught me a lot about shaping paper.


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