Born from Folding


So you couldn’t make it to the presidential debate in Boca Raton. That’s okay, there’s something much more interesting going on right now.

The Jaffe Center for Book Arts at the Florida Atlantic University is having an exhibition of contemporary origami artwork. I am very excited about this show, and not just because some of my own work is included.

The exhibition was inspired by the documentary “Between the Folds” which I have mentioned here before (and I cannot praise enough). The theme is mathematics, science and engineering as explored through modern paper-folding. I think the artists gathered together for this show are some of the best origamists and paper manipulators around. You can see a list of the participants and links to some of their websites on the exhibitions page at the Jaffe Center website. Some are well-known, some are not known as well as they deserve. All are extraordinary. It is really worth your while to have a look, for rarely is a group of artists like this brought together for one show.

The exhibition runs until January 23rd. In addition to the displays of artwork, there will be origami workshops and viewings of “Between the Folds”.

3 thoughts on “Born from Folding

  1. I love your blog joel. Been looking for a source of up-to-date paper awesomeness, and I finally found a winner.

    Keep up the good work, your own stuff is amazing too


  2. I happened to be in the FAU Library this afternoon and was really impressed by the variety of paper folding exhibits. My interests are in engineering and mathematics so I was quite taken by the relationship between the art and its practical applications such as the “Miura-ori Fold.”


  3. I love this work! I’m an art student and am super interested in the intricate work you do! Do you have a page with a short biography or an artist statement?


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