Paper engineering

I happened upon a link for paper engineer Matt Shlian and though I’m a little late to the party on this one (he’s been making extraordinary things with paper for quite some time now and I really should have known about him already) I thought I would post something about him here, if only for my own future reference. His work is really inspirational and just poking around his website makes me want to get some paper and an x-acto knife and make something.

He does wonderful two dimensional art as well

Here’s an interesting interview with Shlian:

He says, among other things, that however meticulously he may plan a project before creating it he never really knows quite how it will look until it’s done. Indeed, why bother creating something at all if you already know what it will look like. That’s what keeps us going: not knowing. You can find more news and thoughts and works in progress at his blog here.

I couldn’t help it… I started searching for more paper engineering and fell right down the rabbit hole.

I came back up with some videos, though, of some of the pop-up designs of Peter Dahmen. Have a look:

and this one:

And while I’m at it, how about this delightful “making of” video for a Toshiba advertisement featuring the work of paper artist Sipho Mabona:

If you find all this cutting and folding and gluing and such as inspirational as I do, you may be itching to try some new paper crafting projects too.

Here’s something I’ve just come across and I know I’m going to have to try:The folks at PaperMatrix provide templates and instructions for making three dimensional woven paper objects like these. The designs take the old woven paper heart that many of us learned in grade school and expand the technique into three dimensions. It’s like basket weaving with paper.

These look like really fun projects to try. I know I should start with some of the simpler designs on their website but… well… simple just isn’t my way.

3 thoughts on “Paper engineering

  1. I discovered Matt Shlian recently too. And I was blown away by his work. And then I discover this blog. Amazing what you can do with paper! I’m following this blog!


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