Ears burning

I began what should have been an ordinary Monday with a curious sensation: My ears were burning. That’s what you used to say when you discovered that people were talking about you. The metaphorical otic trauma came in a form peculiar to this internet age: I found my e-mail inbox deluged with messages like ” so-and-so added you as a contact” and “such-and-such added you to her circle” and “whos-a-ma-bob is following your blog”.

It was revealed to me that I had been featured on the popular website This Is Colossal. Colossal indeed – the effect was immediate. On Sunday, 25 people visited this blog, a perfectly satisfactory number for a blog which is updated maybe once a year. Monday, over 1000 visitors.

Design blog Inhabitat and artist blog Artist a Day have also picked up the coverage, the latter with a brief bio by permission. I must thank everybody involved for this attention, particularly Artist a Day, whose express purpose is to highlight the work of often under-exposed artists, and connect people who love art with people who create it.

A side effect of all this attention: This blog has followers now, which means I’m going to have to start blogging in earnest. There are a lot of things to talk about.


6 thoughts on “Ears burning

  1. Joel:

    Love your work. I found you on Inhabitant. The first work I saw reminded me of Louis Sullivan’s fantastic geometrical organic inspired work. I’m guessing you have seen it but if not, I think you will love it.

    Ralph, an architect and admirer from St. Louis


  2. Ralph – In fact, Louis Sullivan is one of my favorite architects, and a great inspiration for my work, but I think you’re the first person to make a connection, though. I love the way he balances the weight of complex texture and pattern. I’m also a fan of Gaudi, and I think his influence can be seen particularly in this piece as well.

    Philip – It seems like I get to be an overnight sensation every five years or so. Just when I was getting comfortable with relative obscurity.

    Tyler – Great to hear from you. I remember that impromptu exhibition. I’m glad to know the folks in Chase County are following my exploits.


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