Semi-annual update


I see the last post was in January, my how tempus fugits. That entry was an unabashed attempt to push my tawdry wares on Etsy, and whadda-ya-know, so is this one. Much of the collection had been travelling in the interim from one show to another, most recently to the art fair in Bellevue Washington last month. 

From the end of last year until last month the Cooper collection has been floating around from one exhibiton to another: From Rhode Island (that’s my stuff way in the back (and thanks again Ray for those great 3D shots (for the uninitiated, you have to do that “Magic Eye” stare to see the 3D effect))) to Ohio to New York. There are still a few pieces in Spain for the upcoming exhibition in Zaragoza this fall – I wish I could be there in person (putting me in the unusual position of being jealous of my own origami, which seems to be more well-travelled than I am). But as I was saying, the season of exhibitions is (mostly) over and all of the touring pieces have (mostly) come home, and now they will be available for purchase by you, you lucky devil you.

But lest you think shameless self-promotion is my only reason for being here, I would also like to take this opportunity to promote the work of others (who just happen to be promoting my work too, but that’s beside the point).

        Daniel Kwan Whirls CP      Joel Cooper's Whirls
Folder Daniel Kwan has recently reverse engineered one of my designs (imaginatively entitled “Whirls”) and created a crease pattern for it. Click on the thumbnail above and see his CP in all its dichromatic glory.

  This is Daniel’s version of the model:   Daniel Kwan's Whirls

As near as I can tell he’s got the design precisely right, without any input from me, mind you, he just looked at the pictures I posted of my own model and figured it out. He asked permission, of course, to post the CP he created. I heartily endorse this behavior since I am always pleased to see someone else folding my designs, but I just don’t like to create instructions for them. I don’t create diagrams or CPs and I don’t use them. So if someone else is willing to do that work, I’m all for it.

A while ago, another folder, Andrew Hudson, did a deconstruction of one of my masks and likewise created a CP of his efforts.           Mask study   Andrew Hudson's Mask

That’s my original on the left and Andrew’s reconstruction on the right. You can click through the picture to the Flickr page and find a link to the PDF of Andrew’s CP for this model. You may notice that the model here is not quite finished but I can tell that Andrew has figured out the folds. I have not yet seen any evidence that anyone has successfully folded a complete model, though. If anyone reading this feels emboldened by the challenge, why not go out and try to fold this baby for yourself.

And if anyone feels emboldened to do their own reverse engineering, may I suggest this model:Satyr

That’s a crease pattern I would surely like to see. I’ll give you a little hint to get started – get a really big piece of paper…


7 thoughts on “Semi-annual update

  1. Hi Sebastian, nice to hear from you. I’m glad you gave the mask a try. For what it’s worth, the original has a pretty big nose too. I think you can get that feature under control by shaping around the mouth and eyes. I did the original in elephant hide paper, which might be a bit stiffer than the paper you used.
    You do some good folding, by the way! I took a look around your Flickr – nice work!


    • not trying to be a jerk or anything, but just because you dont use cps dosent mean noone else wants them. i think you are trying to make sure noone tries to steal your ideas. im not saying thats bad, but you dont need to be so protective of your pieces. keep up the great work!


      • Oh, asterisk*.
        I don’t make cps because I have no patience for making cps. It’s boring drudgery and I get no pleasure from it. I know that people would like to see crease patterns for my work and some of them have taken the initiative to reverse-engineer their own. Blue Paper on Flickr has done a few. Far from trying to keep people from “stealing my ideas” I love when people dig into those ideas to try and figure them out. I’m not a master origamist and I’m not a teacher. I know that tradition states that if you create origami you have some sort of obligation to teach it as well, but I just am not good at it. I just want to fold. Spending 20 hours folding a piece of paper only to take it apart again to spend another couple of hours tracing out all the creases for a cp is not fun. This may not be a very satisfying explanation for why I don’t make cps, and you seem to think I owe you something for some reason. You may not be “trying to be a jerk” but to suggest that I am withholding information that you want to see just because I don’t want anyone “to steal my ideas” – that I am that petty and small-minded is enormously insulting.


  2. sorry! I didnt mean to be insulting. although you could draw the cp while folding the mask. even if it turns out to be a terrible mask, people would still appreciate it. once again, so sorry!!


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