Pet peeve

  I hate packing peanuts!

Just thought I’d mention that. As some of you know, while folding occupies much of my time, it does not pay the rent. To that end, I have a regular job in the acquisitions department of a college library. This fulfills another consuming interest of mine – books. I get to spend the day surrounded by books! I get to open boxes of new books every day! Wheeee!

     Except every now and then, like today for instance, some of those books come packaged in boxes filled with aerated puffs of styrofoam evil commonly known as “packing peanuts”. In the course of shipping, they get jostled around a bit within the box, rubbing against the books and each other, building up a charge of static electricity until upon their release from their cardboard confines they have become the clingiest, stickingest, annoyingest substance known to humankind. In this dry, winter weather, the static cling is nigh irresistable. These bits of hellish fluff will levitate from the box and chase you around the room like the Furies pursuing Orestes. They stick to the books and work their way between the pages. They infest. Do not ship with packing peanuts!

I feel better now.


5 thoughts on “Pet peeve

  1. Snerk, for some obstinate reason I suddenly want to send you random, otherwise empty, boxes filled with peanuts, even though I know your pain. I must be related to the Marquis in some unknown way.


  2. I know, I know people marvel at the kindheartedness that I exhibit;P It is a gift. Meander on your path to masky perfection safe, knowing that today I didn’t send a box, but tomorrow…


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