Back from Long Island

     I’ve just returned from the Origami Heaven folding festival and exhibition at Stony Brook University in Long Island. This event took place at the beautiful Wang Center for Asian Studies.

    I spent the last few months very busy preparing new pieces for not only this exhibition, but the OrigamiUSA convention which proceeded it just one month earlier. I’ve had too many shows in too short of a time and I’m looking forward to spending a day or two without folding anything at all. But I can’t rest for long. The fruits of all that finger flexing may be seen in this photo set on Flickr. If you go through the images, you might notice that they all have been captioned “this piece has been sold”. In fact, all but a very few items that I have done have been sold, donated, bartered, disassembled, destroyed or otherwise rendered unavailable to the general public. Which means I’ll have to make more stuff. I’ll probably create a set on Flickr to contain images of new pieces as I create them and while they are still available.

    I didn’t expect all this attention when two and a half years ago I decided to post images of my foldings. But since then, I’ve started to treat these pieces, not merely as diversions and novelties, but as individual pieces of artwork. And why not? I’m doing the same thing I would have been doing in any other sculptural medium – metal, wood, ceramic, stone. There is no reason paper should be inferior to any of these.


5 thoughts on “Back from Long Island

  1. Joel-This is a superb post and I am glad your work is getting noticed and appreciated. You created something new, novel, and more importantly compelling. This is a great explanation of the work you do and gives your pieces context (referring to the process of creation.) Glad you were invited to Stony Brook and went.


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