Ultimate auction

“Ultimate” as in “the last one” ….. probably.

While putting work up for sale on eBay has been a good way to make  it available to anyone who would like to obtain a “Joel Cooper Original”, and the lucky bidders who have done so seem to be happy with their acquisitions – I still prefer venues where the pieces can be seen, held, touched and thoroughly examined by as many people as possible. Art fairs, conventions, maybe even a gallery or two (although most galleries frown on patrons touching the artwork, which is really not fair at all)

   That said, I’ve put one last mask on eBay for anyone who just has to have one-

rex mask

 I think it’s pretty special – it was originally folded in Brazil for the first International Origami Tessellation Exhibition there, itself a rather special event (in many ways). At about 37 cm. tall it’s the largest mask I’ve ever done or will likely ever do (I had to wrestle a 100 cm. piece of Wyndstone Marble to fold this thing – not fun). You can see, it has acquired a coat of shellac like the mask in Israel from an earlier post, which gives it some nice character, as well as strengthening and protecting the paper.

6 thoughts on “Ultimate auction

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  2. Dear Joel,

    I’m especially coming to Houston this weekend to take your workshops at Tansu. I noticed that your recommend bringing our own grids. What size and type of paper would you recommend? I’m assuming we need to make a nice grid of equilateral triangles.

    I can’t wait!



  3. Adrienne –
    Well I didn’t see your comment before the workshop, but I’m glad you came. You did great! I hope you weren’t too frustrated by the end of it all, the advanced class got a little more advanced than I think anyone was really ready for. A tessellation immersion program might be the best way to do it, if I thought I had the stamina for such a thing. But hopefully you’ll be interested enough by what you’ve learned so far to keep yourself immersed in tessellation until the next time Jane and I can come to Texas.


    • Dear Mr. Cooper,

      Do you think that you could do one of those workshops in southern Wisconsin? It would be great if you could!


  4. Dear Joel,

    my boyfriend is fascinated about origami..he’s got a birthday soon and i know that he’s dreaming about one of your mask.i would like to know if it is a posible to buy it? how much it cost?


  5. Well Marta, the masks are available for purchase, while supplies last. But I’m afraid I’ve just about sold everything I had when I went to Houston so in the process of making more designs (which is why I haven’t posted lately, but I should have some new things to show soon). The masks take a long time to develop and are all one of a kind, so they generally go for around $300 a piece. If you really are interested, keep an eye on this blog and my flickr site to see what new masks pop up and you can contact me directly to see if they are available.


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